Child and Youth Program

The Child and Youth Counselling Program of Haldimand & Norfolk Women’s Services assists mothers and children whose lives have been affected by abuse.

The following services are available:

  • short-term children’s counselling
  • elementary school based counselling
  • short-term youth counselling
  • support, advocacy and referral services to other agencies
  • education and information about community resources for women and their children
  • education and information about violence against women and its effects on women and children

How Does Women Abuse Affect How Children View Relationships?

Child witnesses of woman abuse may believe…

  • it is acceptable for men to hit women
  • violence is an effective way to solve problems
  • it is ok to hit someone if you are feeling angry or upset
  • inequality in relationships is normal – men have power and control over women
  • there are few, if any, negative consequences for abusive acts
  • they are responsible for the abuse and should therefore feel guilty
  • they are responsible for stopping the abuse by “defending” mom or “confronting” dad

Copied with permission from “Make A Difference”, London Coordinating Committee to End Woman Abuse