Transitional Housing
& Support Program

We provide services to women who have left an abusive relationship and/or those who are making plans to leave an abusive relationship.

The program is focused on assisting women to transition to independent living. Because the program is goal oriented, each woman will guide the process of her transition based on her needs and goals.

Services offered by the Program

  • Support in developing a Transition Plan to become free of abuse. In this Transition Plan the woman will decide what she wants to do (her goals) and the steps she will take to get there.
  • Information on other services for women and their children within the community and assistance with securing those services.
  • Help in understanding abuse and how it affects women and their children
  • Court support in both family and criminal matters
  • Accompaniment to appointments and advocacy where the women requires support
  • Development of a safety plan
  • Assistance completing applications and documentation. Eg. Housing, immigration, disability
  • Resource and Referral Information

Arrangements can be made for women without access to transportation.