Here to Help


Make your safety and your children’s safety your first priority. If you need to get out immediately without any of the suggested items, do so and a counsellor will assist you in retrieving from your home what you need in a safer manner (i.e., arranging police accompaniment).

(if you have time and it is safe for you and your children to plan prior to leaving.)

  • Birth Certificates
  • Health Insurance Number
  • Health Card Numbers
  • Passport and Citizenship Papers
  • Medications
  • Copies of Court Orders
  • Financial information – pay stubs, bank account numbers and statements, information re: RRSP’s mutual funds, GIC’s, etc.
  • Up to one-half of the money in a joint account can be withdrawn
  • Monthly utility statements – hydro, gas, etc.
  • Marriage Certificate / Divorce papers
  • Last year’s income tax returns – both woman’s and partner’s
  • Keys – house/car/office
  • License plate number and description of abuser’s vehicle
  • Deed to the home or rental agreement
  • Credit cards
  • Children’s report cards – in the event children change schools
  • Photo of abuser
  • Favourite children’s toys, clothing, blankets, books
  • Personal items – clothing, photographs, special mementos which could be destroyed if you leave

*** It is advisable that women dial another phone number after a call to the shelter. This will prevent the abuser from accessing the last number dialed.

*** Photocopies of these items can also be taken and originals can then be put back.